Anna Kendrick has seen your nudes, and she's not impressed. On Conan last night the actress offered some advice to step up your naked selfie game: clean your room

"I get guys being like, 'If you had a penis you wouldn't exactly be looking at the room,'" Kendrick said. "But wouldn't you prefer a naked girl in a clean room to a naked girl in a messy room? I'm just saying if I were a guy I'd be seeking out the neat freaks and asking them for selfies."

Looks like we're seeking out the wrong kind of freak. 

Last year year Kendrick copped to checking out reddit's hotbed of nudes, r/GoneWild. She told Glamour the rooms she saw were a "disaster" that would prevent her from being turned on if she were a guy.

This is turning into a full-blown PSA. 

[via Uproxx]