Officials in Connecticut believe 11 Wesleyan University students were hospitalized  after overdosing on Molly. 

The Associated Press reports that the majority of the students were hospitalized in Middleton, Conn. Two of the victims' conditions were so severe that they had to be flown some 20 miles to Hartford, Conn.'s Hartford Hospital. According to William McKenna, Middleton's police chief, the overdoses are a result of a "bad batch" of the drug. The police department is trying to identify its origin: 

Our first and foremost goal is to obtain information on the batch of Molly that was distributed to the students on the campus, McKenna said. This information is critical in ensuring the recovery of those students affected.

Per the Associated Press, the two students flown to Hartford were in critical condition as of last night. What's more, two additional students were taken to Hartford for treatment via ambulance. 

The university is reportedly conducting its own investigation independent of the Middleton Police Department's.

[via Associated Press]