Fourteen years ago this week, Steve Jobs stood on the MacWorld stage and introduced the world to iTunes, the service that would revolutionize the music industry and help make the iPod one of the most popular devices ever.

When it launched, iTunes was a sleek new piece of software. It was pretty bare-bones when it first launched, but it would later change the way we consume music and fuel our transition from compact disks to digital files. It looked stylish, organized music beautifully, and was a breeze to use, all of which factored into its popularity. It'd been built with a minimalist design in mind. Menus and options were easy to understand and access. But as the software—along with Apple's hardware—evolved, more things had to come in the small package. 

Now, with competition from streaming music companies like Spotify and Pandora, iTunes has lost some of its coolness. Considering that iTunes digital music sales have fallen between 13%-14% worldwide in the last year, a lot of people are feeling the same way.

In honor of the aging program that's still alive and kicking, here are 14 of the biggest changes Apple's made to iTunes throughout the years.