Maybe, when your boobs are so big that your vision is obstructed, it’s time to pump the breaks on getting breast implants.

Mayra Hills does not seem to subscribe to the “my eyes are up here” school of thought, instead preferring that people keep their focus on her 40-pound, 32Z-sized breasts. Known professionally as “Beshine,” Hills’ profession is technically “model,” but it’s unclear what exactly she models for.

You can check out her Twitter here, and feast (if that’s the right word) your eyes on various photos of her enormous breasts in action. You can even jump on the #worldsbiggestboobs hashtag that she keeps trying to get trending, if you’re so inclined.

And if you’re a butt sort of person, well, we don’t blame you if at this point you just want to move along.


[via Elite Daily]