A South Carolina man accused of sexual assault earlier this week paid for his alleged actions before authorities could even address them. 

CNN reports that police in Conway, S.C. were summoned to a residence early Thursday morning after receiving a phone call about a sexual assault. By the time they arrived, 52-year-old William Mattson had already sustained a beating at the hands of someone "[A]cting in defense [of] the victim." According to NBC News, that person was Mattson's 27-year-old nephew: 

The 27-year-old man who beat Mattson told police he briefly left a party, returned to the sound of moaning coming from the bedroom he shares with his girlfriend, then kicked open the door and found Mattson on top of the woman — at which point he beat up his uncle and chased him out of the house

NBC News adds that Mattson told police he simply hugged and kissed his nephew's 21-year-old girlfriend. However, the woman told authorities that the encounter was not consensual. 

Mattson was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct. 

[via CNN and NBC News]