Verdict: Watch
When: Sunday at 9 p.m. EST
Where: HBO (and HBO GO)
WhyWhen last we saw Hannah and friends, things were taking all sorts of turns for the tragic. Jessa became a charlatan Dr. Kevorkian, and dabbled in assisted suicide. Marnie is maybe gonna destroy a marriage. Hanna might go consider cows and emulate Denis Johnson at the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. And Shosh had one stunning moment of emotional clarity with Ray that I’m still recovering from. All of this is to say that the season three finale threw a lot of balls in the air making the season four premiere a must-watch, just to see how the juggling goes.

Also, Adam Driver really came into his own last season. Watching him freak out and stuff paper towels in his mouth because he got the part in Major Babara—that’s rarefied Ryan Gosling territory. As Driver’s star continues to rise, it becomes more and more likely that he’ll ditch Girls. If this is his last run on the series, then you really, really have to watch.—Ross Scarano