As that prophetic episode of South Park-turned-meme tells us, The Simpsons already did it. Still, it's pretty cool that VH1 Classic is planning to air a marathon of every single episode of Saturday Night Live

The greatest sketch show of all time debuted in 1975, so you might want to request vacation from work now if you plan on binging on this one (tell your boss you'll need 19 days). The cable network plans to run the episodes back-to-back in reverse order, starting with the Andy Samberg/St. Vincent finale from last season and working back to the the first episode, hosted by George Carlin

If you're skillful in your planning, you can nod off some time after the Adam Sandler through Mike Myers-ish years and completely miss the brief Robert Downey Jr. and Gilbert Gottfried eras. 

The SNL Rewind: 2015—1975 Mega-Marathon will start on Jan. 28 and end Feb. 15, the same night NBC is set to air its live, three-hour SNL 40th anniversary special. 

[Via AV Club]