CNN reports that two people at the El Paso VA Health Care facility in El Paso, Texas were injured during a shooting today. 

A few hours ago a spokesman for the William Beaumont Army Medical Center, next to the facility, said the area was on lockdown after reports of an active shooter. The shooter was also apparently injured, but from a self-inflicted wound. At this moment there is no further information about the severity of the injuries of the other two people.

Update: According to CNN there were conflicting reports of how many people were injured. One person has been reportedly injured.  A spokesman for U.S. Representative Beto O'Rourke for El Paso, John Meza said a doctor was injured before the shooter committed suicide.

This was also echoed by an anonymous Pentagon official. As of now there’s no known reason for the shooting.

The department of Veteran Affairs has since released a statement: 

Tomorrow the VA facility will be closed.

[via CNN]