Did you know that Union Station tastes like fried onions, and Islington tastes like flat Dr. Pepper? Or that Sherbourne tastes like Rockets, and Eglinton tastes like a scotch egg?

Spacing recently spoke to James Wannerton, a UK man with a rare neurological condition called synesthesia, which causes written and spoken words to trigger phantom flavours in his mouth. Wannerton catalogued the tastes and textures provoked by the name of each of Toronto’s subway stations.

From Kipling to Kennedy, the TTC’s stop names elicited tastes ranging from chlorine to thick yoghurt, which Wannerton noted was “so nice and mild” compared to the rough flavour profile of the London Underground.

As president of the UK Synesthesia Association, James Wannerton began mapping the tastes of the TTC back in 2013 on visits to conferences in Toronto. Though the nature of his condition can be rather distraction, Wannerton says he couldn’t imagine life without it. “It’s like I’m eating something all day long.”

Check out the taste map of the Toronto Subway System below. What does your station taste like? Here's hoping you don't live at "Mud" or "Plastic Straws."

Click here to see a larger version of the map.

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