The first trailer for Tina Fey’s new Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (which Fey is producing but not starring in) looks like a cross of Encino Man and Blast From the Past, as Ellie Kemper’s unearthed doomsday cult survivor decides to take on New York City despite having spent 15 years locked in a bunker.

She gets a job nannying for Fey’s 30 Rock buddy Jane Krakowski, who looks appropriately unhinged as a New York socialite/housewife. Life lessons and hilarity are sure to ensue, with some Kemper hitting on both familiar (being overly friendly to strangers) and unfamiliar (“butt dancing,” fear of velcro) “unfrozen caveman” tropes.

Fey does not look to be playing an onscreen role in the series (which will debut in full March 6on Netflix), but if the trailer is any indication her writing style is all over it. Kemper certainly looks like a worthy candidate to carry on Liz Lemon’s legacy.

[via The Wrap]