In the battle of beautiful, dark-haired actresses with a little alternative flavor and an assload of talent, it looks like Tatiana Maslany may have won the role of the mysterious female lead in director Gareth Edwards' mysterious standalone Star Wars movie.

According to Total Geeks, a source close to the production revealed that Maslany was getting the part after screen tests that also included Rooney Mara and Felicity Jones. That same report points to a story from Entertainment Weekly as proof that Maslany is rearranging her schedule to take the part.  

It's still not clear what character she'd play (or even what the movie will be about), but we do know it will be released next year

It feels like the right time for Maslany to land a high-profile film role, too. She's been killing it on Orphan Black for two seasons now, and Season 3 arrives in April. 


[Via Uproxx]