You didn't really think the Serial craze would end with the podcast, did you? Even though its run on NPR is over, this story still has plenty of money to squeeze out of it, and several major studios are reportedly fighting for the rights to the money story. 

Warner Bros., Tracking Board (TriStar's TV branch), and Ryan Murphy of Glee and American Horror Story fame are all reportedly trying to adapt Serial as a movie or a TV show. Most intriguing is the effort from Murphy, who reportedly wants to develop Serial as a limited series for HBO. 

Variety deputy editor Pat Saperstein is saying rumors of Murphy already having Serial locked down are just that, so we remain intrigued by all the possibilities. If things get really heated representatives from the rival studios can just go with an old-fashioned cage fight to settle things. That brawl could be aired, and all of the sudden you have two shows (or one show and one movie). 

I'll take one studio executive job now, please. 

[via A.V. Club]