Collider sat down with powerhouse producer Will Packer to talk about The Wedding Ringer, his latest film with Kevin Hart, but the conversation quickly turned toward another film coming out of Packer's production company, the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton

Specifically, they asked if Packer had any idea that Ice Cube was going to debut the trailer early at concert where Australian fans captured it on their smartphones and leaked it all over the Internet? 

Collider: "Did he tell you he was gonna show it, or did he just put it out there?"

Packer: "You know, Cube does what he does. Cube, Cube does what he does and nobody does it like Cube. That's what I'll say."

Collider: "So basically, [Cube] can't get in trouble for whatever he does?"

Packer: "Cube is the man. We back him. And I love the fact that he's out there and it's getting the response that it's getting, that's what I'll say."

That's a long way of saying no, but it turned out OK since the bootleg trailer footage went viral. Cube, who's an executive producer on a film that's based on his own life was obviously excited to share it with fans. 

As for the status of the movie right now, Packer said: 

"It's still very early in that [process]. We're still working on (director) F. Gary Gray's cut. ... I'm excited about that movie. That movie is going to ... deliver. It's going to deliver for fans of N.W.A., which are always the hardest, when you look at the core fans its always the hardest to satisfy them, but it's also just gonna deliver to a broad spectrum of audiences that enjoy a great, American uprising story."

The movie is set for an August release. 


[Via Collider]