The Florida man who was arrested for having sex with a stuffed animal inside of a Walmart last fall has agreed to a plea deal after initially pleading not guilty. 

The Smoking Gun reports that 20-year-old Sean Johnson pleaded no contest to charges of criminal mischief and indecent exposure. Last October, security cameras captured him violating a stuffed animal at a Brooksville, Fla. Walmart location. Johnson attempted to flee the store, but was eventually apprehended and later confessed. In a written statement, he condemned his actions: 

In a written confession, Johnson acknowledged that, I did unmentionables to a stuffed animal, terming the humping a horrible act. The contrite Floridian added, I need to think before what I do. I’m extremely sorry.

According to the Smoking Gun, Johnson was sentenced to a year of probation last Thursday, and will have to pay $700 in fines and restitution. In addition to having a one-year prison sentence suspended, Johnson was ordered to stay away from the victim. As the Smoking Gun acknowledges, this refers to Walmart, rather than the stuffed animal.