The Oscar nominations have been announced! Right about now you're probably reading statements from nominated stars about how blindsided and honored they are, even though basically none of these noms were particularly shocking, thanks to all of the precursor awards shows. But there always are some actual surprises—Bradley Cooper for Best Actor, Bennett Miller for Best Director even though there was no Foxcatcher representation in the Best Picture category, Ida for Best Cinematography—and even more, there are always glaring omissions. This year was no different. A ton of worthy candidates got left out in the cold in 2015.

So while The Grand Budapest Hotel and Birdman led the way with nine nominations each, we couldn't help but look at a number of films and actors that didn’t receive any (or much) good news this morning. And should have. So don't worry Ava DuVernay and company, we're thinking of you guys today. Save your mantle space.

Here are The 12 Most Painful Oscar Snubs of 2015