It’s kind of funny how even though the FBI was quick to say that North Korea was behind the Sony hack, they made no mention of the fact that they may have started it by hacking them first.

According to the New York Times today, the U.S. knew it was North Korea hacking into Sony because five years earlier, everybody’s friends at the NSA had done a little hacking of their own to find out more about the country’s emerging internet presence. The Times said that:

“The evidence gathered by the ‘early warning radar’ of software painstakingly hidden to monitor North Korea’s activities proved critical in persuading President Obama to accuse the government of Kim Jong-un of ordering the Sony attack, according to the officials and experts, who spoke on the condition of anonymity about the classified N.S.A. operation.”

So wait, we all owe the NSA a debt of gratitude? Without them, we never would have known the great joy that is The Interview. So, thanks…I guess.


[via NY Mag]