Real talk: do you think Nancy Grace has ever smoked weed?

She seems like the exact opposite of someone who would ever use any kinds of drugs. Her harshness, judgmental attitude, and edgy demeanor all suggest that she has likely never been under the influence of marijuana.

And yet, you have to wonder.

Listen carefully. Marijuana advocate Norm Kent actually does answer Grace’s question of “Are you saying that the 911 call isn’t real?” The very first thing he says is “No.” Somehow, when he finishes his follow-up thought, Nancy doesn’t remember that he did answer her question and instead accuses Kent of being stoned.

Is this all a misdirection to distract people from the truth that Grace herself is stoned? Does it “take one to know one”? This is not an accusation, but the circumstantial evidence certainly warrants some consideration.

She also got into a prolonged battle with Dr. Drew, in which Grace set a new unofficial record for most times saying the phrase "Dr. Drew" in a five minute period. Once again, this is not an argument in favor of her sobriety.

[via Jezebel]