We started, as many do, with the daily commute to work. Already a point when we’d rather be sleeping or going anywhere else, all it takes is one person to ruin a day before it even starts. In a scene that has become all too familiar, I asked Kinane how he would avoid overreacting to being cut off by a canary yellow Chevy Corvette Stingray. To make matters worse, the driver is weaving through traffic like it’s a videogame, with a cell phone pressed to his ear.

Kinane admits, “I want to lay a personal brand of social justice on them,” but adds that, “clearly this guy didn’t have a childhood that was rewarding or parents that reaffirmed he was important to the world...He needs more out of this world than I do.” It is a novel idea: pitying the person driving like a wild lunatic instead of wishing their immediate fiery destruction. He did add at the end, “normally my default is to chase them...and [I’ve considered] carrying around a box of spark plugs to throw at their windows.”