It’s been a strong start for Larry Wilmore on The Nightly Show, who after taking on Bill Cosby on Tuesday night turned his sights on President Obama and his #ThugLife Internet moment from the State of the Union address.

After prefacing his comments by disclosing to the audience that “I voted for Obama because he’s black,” Wilmore reviewed some of the news from Obama’s Tuesday night speech, which culminated in Obama’s knowing wink and declaration that “This is good news, people.”

While a comment like this one would throw off a less seasoned newsman, Wilmore quickly figured out what was going on: “he doesn’t give a f**k,” he declared. “No wonder he’s throwing Mars at us.”

Applauding Obama’s newfound chutzpah, Wilmore takes solace in one thing that he knows will be true despite the bureaucratic challenges Obama faces in the wake of a Republican-dominated midterm election cycle: “He may not get anything done in the next two years, but at least he’ll still be black.”

[via Deadline]