"Welcome to a club that none of us want to be in” was the text Ron Davis received from Tracy Martin’s father after news broke that his son Jordan Davis was gunned down in a Jacksonville gas station parking lot by Michael Dunn. A middle-aged white man who thought Jordan was playing his 'thug' music too loud.

These are very real scenes captured candidly in the film 3 1/2 Minutes. A film that’s a must see for any person who owns a gun, has a child, or has parents. Using courtroom footage, interviews with Jordan Davis’ friends and family, and news coverage, director Marc Silver is able to pull back the curtain of rhetoric and give us a very real look into what a family goes through as victims of gun violence. The film doesn’t shove an agenda down your throat like Bowling For Columbine or Supersize Me. It just presents the facts and let’s you decide how you feel about Stand Your Ground laws, gun control, and race dynamics in America. The story of Jordan Davis doesn’t need any hyperbole; it's plenty fucked up enough on it’s own. We had a chance to catch up with Jordan Davis’ parents and talk about the film during Sundance 2015, their human rights activism, and how they like to bump their music just a little bit louder these days in Jordan’s memory.  

For more on Jordan Davis and how you can contribute to their cause check out walkwithjordan.org