Not everybody is a fan of CNN anchor Don Lemon’s news style. For some reason, questions like asking a possible rape victim why she didn’t bite her attacker’s penis or inquiring with a Muslim human rights attorney if he supports ISIS have really rubbed people the wrong way.

Jon Stewart is likewise unimpressed with Lemon and his employer, and last night on The Daily Show took aim at their preposterously stupid “blizzardmobile” deployed in New York City during yesterday’s dud of a winter storm. Not only was the very concept ridiculous (said “blizzardmobile” was just a regular SUV), but it also ignored the fact that all non-emergency vehicles were supposed to be off the road.

Stewart also pointed out that perhaps Lemon was not the best choice, and was more qualified to be driving a “blizzardmobile” for Dairy Queen rather than an actual news organization.

[via Mediaite]