Jimmy Kimmel has already demonstrated that marijuana smokers are often not great at current events quizzes. Who knew that they also could tell you everything important happens in March?

Kimmel’s crew took to the Venice Boardwalk (AKA, “the Mecca of Marijuana”) yesterday to ask stoned-looking strangers some relatively simple questions about current events. As you might expect, the answers were rarely accurate, unless of course the questions had to do with weed or just general stoner life.

Maybe the avid smokers out there can explain some of these answers, because to be honest they are absolutely astonishing. Why is the first Doritos flavor one guy can remember “Salsa Verde.” What happened to Nacho Cheesier? It’s tough not to agree with his assessment of prime numbers, though; “eight seems pretty prime” is 100 percent correct.

[via UPROXX]