On the outside, Jennifer Lopez looks a lot like she did 23 years ago when she debuted as one of the Fly Girl dancers on In Living Color. At 45 she's got the same gaze, the one that can go from steely to sultry to sweet in a matter of moments, and the same warm, welcoming smile. And she's got the same curves, the ones that inspired hip-hop's most famous ode to booty and 100 million YouTube views.

On the inside however, J.Lo is a changed woman. Despite one of the most accomplished careers in showbiz history—the first person to have a No. 1 album and movie in the same week, 55 million albums sold, and $2 billion in box office receipts—Lopez revealed in her autobiography, True Love, published last fall, that she suffered from self esteem issues for much of her adult life. She's been divorced three times, and her personal life has been tabloid fodder in three different decades. But she's in a better place now, able to finally enjoy her immense success.

At the top of 2015 Jennifer Lopez is well into a career renaissance. Her last album debuted in the Billboard top 10, and her last video broke the Internet when it dropped in September. She's also just off another season serving as a judge on American Idol, a gig for which she pulled down a cool $17.5 million. Her latest movie, The Boy Next Door, is in theaters this week and features Lopez playing a divorced mom who has a one-night stand with a younger man, who subsequently becomes obsessed with her. It's a role that J.Lo says is close to her heart.

Last month, Lopez invited Complex to her L.A. home for a glimpse inside her newly rewarding personal life. ego trip elder statesman Gabe Alvarez chopped it up with J.Lo in her pajamas; photographer Steven Gomillion snapped her picture while she sat poolside. (Who says magazine work is hard?) It's a surprisingly intimate portrait of a legendary superstar who hasn't always given the world such behind-the-scenes access. Read on for our interview with J.Lo: same as she ever was and better than ever.


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