A California teen's over-the-top 18th birthday celebration, complete with scantily clad teens and underage drinking, ended in arrest for her father.

ABC10 reports that deputies with the San Diego County Sheriff's Office were summoned to Olivia Lake's Playboy Mansion-inspired party ("Liv's Playboy Mansion," to be exact) on Friday night. Upon arriving at the Poway, Calif. home, authorities found roughly 200 teens, including many who were drinking and a collection of girls dressed in...well, barely dressed. In addition, two boys were found passed out and intoxicated inside of the home. Also worth noting: Lake's father was present for all of this.

Jeff Lake, an attorney specializing in cases which involve medical marijuana, was arrested and charged for hosting a party rife with underage drinking. If convicted, he faces up to six months in jail. Although it's unknown if Lake's mother, ex-Poway High School PTA president Jacki Lake, was present, police told ABC 10 that other adults were in attendance. 

It's almost eerie how reminiscent of The O.C. this is.

[via ABC10]