When you're president, insults are a dime a dozen.

They'll come from the politicians you walk by every morning in the White House halls, a world leader you just shook hands with two months earlier, political pundits, and everyday Americans. George W. Bush had an onslaught of insults thrown his way—from anything about his stu-stut-stuttering, to his tendency to mix up words, to getting called a "dumb fuck" by one of the Dixie Chicks. Bill Clinton, too, took a lot of flack as president (a general called him a "dope-smoking," "skirt-chasing," "draft-dodging" Commander in Chief), and he still puts up with shit to this day (Justin Bieber once said "Fuck Bill Clinton" while pissing in a bucket).

President Barack Obama isn't immune​ to insults either, and had countless slights thrown his way before he was even elected. Considering the rise of the social era, these disses aren't getting swept under the rug anytime soon.

Here are the most insulting things politicians have said about President Obama.