Are you in a long distance relationship and pining for some affection? Perhaps you work away from home a lot and miss the warming comfort of a loved one's hand? Do you often cry into your pillow at night to take the pain away? No worries, the Frebble is here to ease your grief with a little low-pressure plastic palm tickling.

The idea is that you and the person you are talking to online both hold Frebbles in hand, which when squeezed will be felt by the recipient at the other end as the device lightly pushes into their palm, replicating the sensation of hand holding.

According to the official Frebble website, the device is "a mediated social touch product, designed around the shape of the hand, providing family members and friends at a distance with a new common tactile experience.

Expect lonely men to pay for fake hand holding services in the very near future, experiencing brief joy at the Frebble's promise that it "feels your squeeze."

Feel the squeeze with this promotional video below.