Do you now what the correct reaction is to seeing that the plane you're about to board has "Bye Bye" and a frowny face written on it? You nope your way out of there. No questions. No arguments. Just a simple "nope" before turning your ass around. 

A group of United flight attendants had the right idea in July when this very thing happened. The crew refused to fly without the plane undergoing a full security sweep. United refused to deplane, and a ground crew only inspected the auxiliary power unit near the drawing before deciding it was a joke. The flight had to be canceled because the crew stuck to their guns, and two months later they were fired for "insubordination." 

Now the former employees are suing United to get their jobs back. 

United plans to fight the lawsuit, but it's hard to sympathize with the company that's suing an entrepreneurial 22-year-old. I want every precaution taken when I'm about to board a giant heap of metal filled with thousands of gallons of explosive fuel. 

[via Gawker]