Remember bath salts? Of course you do. They were the mystery grab-bag of drugs you could pick up over the counter at most head shops which fell out of favor late in 2012 thanks to some minor side effects such as face-eating and seeing the face of god.

Now we may have a new synthetic drug poised to replace the disarmingly innocent sounding bath salts. 25D-NBOMe, commonly referred to as N-Bomb, is a type of synthetic LSD that is responsible for at least two deaths in the Midwest. High schools in both Wisconsin and Minnesota have reported fatalities linked to 25D-NBOMe prompting school officials and local police to warn parents of the scourge of this new synthetic psychedelic.

The effects of N-Bomb are even similar to traditional hallucinogens, but the similarities end with, ya know, death. The synthetic is easy to mass produce and has surged in popularity thanks in part to its low price point and is even ingested the same way as traditional LSD. Hopefully this is an isolated incident, but if you're looking to get sideways on reality and you live in the Midwest, stay woke.