In its fifth season, Archer took one of the biggest leaps a show could take—it totally changed its format. The spies from ISIS, which was never actually funded by the U.S. government as it turns out, became cocaine dealers. That's bold storytelling right there.

The big change in format made way to some big changes in the cast, especially for Cheryl (Judy Greer), ISIS's lovable secretary. After the agency went belly-up and fell in love with the CoCo, Cheryl finally decided to pursue her dream of becoming a country music star. Some unprecedented support from a dictator and a couple mind-control pills later, and Cheryl had become Cherlene, the fastest rising star in the country music world.

Only she doesn't really remember any of that. Again, that's bold storytelling. Check out the exclusive clip from the fifth season of Archer, then grab the season DVD when it drops tomorrow, Jan. 6.