Original Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson is a man willing to admit when he was wrong about something. Three months ago, he was up in arms about the notion that a Ghostbusters reboot could possibly star four women. Now, though, he’s done a complete 180 and is totally in favor of the idea.

Hudson took to Twitter to show not only his respect for the new cast, but also his love of alliterations:

Did Hudson realize that he came across as kind of a chauvinist for saying that an all-female version could only work if they made it “sexy?" Or that people probably wouldn’t want to see it no matter what? Perhaps.

Or maybe he’s realized that the “Get Ernie Hudson in the new Ghostbusters movie” campaign can’t get off the ground if he’s hating on the movie. Either way, it’s good to see that he’s finally come around to what should be an awesome movie.


[via UPROXX]