He's back at it. 

Don Lemon, whose diarrhea of the mouth earned him the Fuccboi of the Year honor last year, has begun 2015 with yet another perplexing moment. Last night, during a discussion about the Charlie Hebdo shooting which left 12 people dead in France, Lemon arbitrarily asked international human rights lawyer Arsalan Iftikhar (who happens to be Muslim) if he supports ISIS. Out loud. On the air. 

After briefly touching on the tragedy, which French officials have called an act of terror, Lemon notes that a Newsweek poll claimed that about one-sixth of French citizens side with ISIS. Iftikhar answers his question regarding whether or not ISIS supporters are Islamic extremists, but Lemon repeats it, then directly asks Iftikhar if he supports ISIS. 

Obviously taken aback ("Wait, did you just ask if I support ISIS?"), Iftikhar reminds Lemon that he did answer his question before explaining that empathy doesn't mean condoning the murder of innocent people.

Why does someone in Don Lemon's position need to be enlightened in this fashion? Why would he ask Iftikhar if he supports ISIS? The questions mount until you arrive at the only acceptable conclusion: Because it's Don Lemon.

[via Vox]