Denver's adored annual celebration of marijuana will return in April, it just probably won't happen on 4/20, as the adored weed holiday lands on a Monday this year.

According to the Denver Post, the festival's organizers won't be able to align the event and the actual holiday because they only have permits to use its home, the Civic Center, on the weekend. In addition, new city rules prevent regular events from adding days: 

Lead organizer Miguel Lopez applied to stretch last year's Saturday/Sunday festival combo into Monday, but city officials denied that request.

The city cited a moratorium this year on new events in Denver's big parks, including Civic Center, because the policy also bars recurring events from expanding their footprints or adding days. The Denver Post recently reported on the 2015 public event limits.

The Post still expects a legion of stoners to congregate on 4/20, as all of the festival's stages, gates, and security checkpoints will be gone by Monday afternoon. The funny, and obvious, reality is that smokers don't need a sanctioned gathering to get high on 4/20. Weed will be smoked regardless.

[via Associated Press and Denver Post]