David Cameron has revealed new plans if re-elected to block encrypted messaging apps such as Snapchat and WhatsApp if they don't include backdoor access allowing users to be more easily surveilled.

Cameron cited the recent terrorist attacks in Paris against satirical publication Charlie Hebdo as a catalyst for imposing the stricter rules, as such messaging apps do not fall under the same monitoring regulations as older communication methods such as letters and phones.

During a campaign trail, Cameron had this to say:

"Are we going to allow a means of communications which it simply isn't possible to read? My answer to that question is 'No, we must not.'"

"The attacks in Paris demonstrated the scale of the threat that we face and the need to have robust powers through our intelligence and security agencies in order to keep our people safe."

The Prime Minister will only go ahead with the plans should he be re-elected, and is likely to face opposition given the popularity of the messaging services involved. Apple apps such as FaceTime and iMessage could also become affected as part of the proposals.

[via Gizmodo]

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