Finding love in the big city can be hard. It can also be expensive.

That’s why this 26 year old Londoner is trying to raise £1,300 so that he can go on thirteen dates and find true love. Tom Packer, a “cocktail bartender and occasional writer” originally from Norwich, is basing it on a popular equation that you can find love in 13 dates. And for some reason he’s hoping other people will pay for them, as he’s set up a crowdfunding page for it.

Do the photos of Tom bearded, bespectacled and wearing a Taylor Swift t-shirt catch your eye? Well, for pledging £100, you can get a guaranteed date with Tom, though since you’ll be paying for it yourself it kind of takes the chivalry out of it. Two lucky ladies have already snapped them up. If you’re feeling even more flush, £500 will get you not just a date, but also a personalised poem written by Tom himself. No one has taken up that offer yet though.

And if you think Tom isn’t being sincere, watch his video, where he recites his poetry and looks wistfully into the middle distance, in artful black and white:

So far, Tom has only raised £227. And it looks like his campaign might already be closed. Let’s hope it’s because he actually found ‘the one’, and not because people made fun of him on the internet.  

Would you go on a date with this man?