For most people, airports are not places in which to spend extended amounts of time. This rings especially true when you have somewhere important to be. On the other hand, they are a necessary evil when it comes to travel—much faster than trains and the only way to reach the rest of the world unless you're a fan of cruise liners. 

That being said, some airports are recognizing the importance of catering to the jet set crowd, offering amenity-packed, exclusive lounges to those who can afford it. Courvoisier presents the most luxe airport lounges to add to your itinerary. Some might even become destinations of their own. For example, at the Abu Dhabi International Airport, the Etihad Airways First Class Lounge also houses a first-class spa providing facials, champagne, and massages to prep you for your flight. Thai Airways' Royal Orchid Lounges take it up a notch with private rooms complete with LCD TVs, a sofa, or even a personalized sleeping room to catch some pre-flight zzz's. 

[via Courvoisier]