There's a website that allows civilians to rate police officers and review them based on their interactions. 

According to Daily Dot, the site, CopScore, lets users to post reviews of certain officers: 

Anyone can register officers in the CopScore system, including anonymously. To register a cop, one must know his or her name, department, and title. The form also requires that the registrant specify whether or not the officer arrested them. If you actually want to post a performance review on the CopScore, you will need to sign in and provide the officer's badge number.

Still, as the Daily Dot notes, issues with the site have been reported: 

Already, a few HN users have raised issues with these entry requirements—one commented that only people who have had a bad experience with a cop are inclined to demand their badge number; thus, requiring this on CopScore might elicit purely negative reviews.

Another user commented on the negative connotations of the sample page linked in the post. CopScore, they wrote, was not intended to present cops in an impartial light, given that the language used in the submission form (seen below) suggested that its main purpose was to report a crime.

The value in this is that it's important to know who the good cops are as much as it is to know about the questionable ones. What's more, it's important to hold police accountable for their actions. There are obvious potential flaws (bias and an overwhelming number of negative entries), but hopefully all of the kinks get ironed out. 

[via Daily Dot]