The latest in a long line of gaming gadgets you never knew you needed, the 3DRudder is a board with motion tracking technology that allows you to (theoretically) play video games with your feet.

The board can recognise different kinds of pressure and movement; in a tech demonstration showed off at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, pushing forwards or backwards zoomed in and out, turning left and right controlled horizontal direction and twisting changed the height.

The 3DRudder can also be programmed to simulate button presses as well, but how practical it could actually prove for gaming remains to be seen. From ill-fated efforts like Nintendo's Power Glove through to Microsoft's issues with Kinect, it seems like most gamers just aren't ready to give up on the good old gamepad or keyboard and mouse setup quite yet. The 3DRudder is set to retail for around $130 (£85).

Nintendo Roll and Rocker, anyone?


[via The Verge]