In case you've forgotten the indifference (if not absolute contempt) with which Comcast views its customers' needs and desires, the cable provider has once again reminded us why it's a petty, corporate bully. 

Lisa and Ricardo Brown, a couple from Spokane, Wash., made the grave mistake of trying to cancel their cable service because of financial difficulties. Comcast, living up to its history of compassion, disregarded Lisa's request and transferred her to a retention specialist who tried to persuade her to sign a new two-year contract. When Lisa was finally to overcome the annoying obstacle and have her service canceled, a phone representative changed the name on the account to "Asshole Brown." So each piece of mail sent after the shining example of customer service was addressed to "Asshole Brown." 

Despite Lisa's attempts to stop being called an asshole by Comcast, the problem wasn't resolved until a blogger contacted the company. Once the story went public Comcast also offered the couple a full refund for two years of cable service. 

[via Gawker]