People are willing to go to extreme lengths to snap the perfect selfie for their carefully curated Instagrams. Some people have fared better than others while some have sadly lost their lives in the process. This group of college friends belongs to the latter, after being killed by an oncoming train while trying to take a selfie. 

According to police, the three young men, from New Delhi, Moradabad, and Faridabad were in a car yesterday morning heading to Agra to see the Taj Mahal when they stopped, accompanied by a fourth friend who survived, to take the deadly picture near on the train tracks of Mathura. So far the victims, aged between 20 and 22, have been identified as  Yakub, Iqbal and Afzal. The fourth friend, Aneesh, told police that the friends didn’t time the picture correctly and that the train hit them, killing them instantly, before they could leave the track. 

Police are still investigating the incident.  


[via Times of India]