CNN, which suffered its own series of near apocalyptic screw ups in 2014, from Don Lemon teaching women how to not get raped to being busted using Microsoft tablets as iPad stands, has a video it plans to show when the apocalypse finally comes. With Y2K and the so-called Mayan apocalypse (Dec.12, 2012) being the closest we’ve come. That video has leaked.

When the network launched former CNN owner Ted Turner said that the network’s 24 hours news cycle would only end “when the world ends.”  And when that fateful day came they’d go out playing “Nearer My God To Thee” a.k.a. the song the band plays as the Titanic sinks. The video leaked today features a marching band playing that very song. 

If that is the last thing we watch it will probably go down like this, as the A.V. Club has accurately predicted. Our last moments on earth, having to listen to fuccboi of the year, Don Lemon, one last time:


[via Gawker]