Today is the infamous shock jock Howard Stern's 61st birthday, and regardless of whether or not you hate him or love him, you have opinions about his show. Anyone who has listened to the Howard Stern Show for an extended period knows that the strippers and fart contests aren't the only things that make it great—it’s Stern's stewardship and the way he critiques the American underbelly and its weird cultural underpinnings with irreverent commentary. 

It's also the awkward relationships, funny stories, and constant ball-busting between Stern, Robin Quivers, and Fred Norris that keep fans hooked. So whatever camp you belong to, it's worth looking back at what Stern has done over the last 35 years to earn his crown as one of the most important radio personalities of all time. Here’s A Brief History of the Howard Stern Show. It's a tale with enough drama to fill an epic novel. 

Kevin Wong is a freelance writer. Follow him on Twitter at @kevinjameswong​.

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