Officials in Colorado say a bomb was detonated outside of a local NAACP office yesterday. 

The Denver Post reports that an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) was set off on near an outside wall of the building where the NAACP's Colorado Springs chapter resides around 11 a.m. The Post adds that there was a can of gasoline stationed next to the can, but it never caught fire. Although the blast was strong enough to knock items from the building's walls, no one was injured: 

Henry Allen Jr., the NAACP chapter president, told The Gazette the explosion was strong enough to knock items off the walls and that volunteers who looked outside to see what happened saw what they described as a gas can rigged with some kind of incendiary device, such as a flare.

The FBI is searching for a person of interest described as a 40-year-old, balding white male in connection with the crime. Chapter President Henry Allen, Jr. told the Gazette that the attack "[W]on't deter [them] from doing the job [they] want to do in the community."

[via Denver Post and the Gazette]