Rejoice, friends and family. A snow day is upon us. The blistering cold, gray winter is about to be validated with a beautiful storm of flurries leaving you with an excuse to "work" from home or, if you're feeling really nostalgic for your high school days, to get some prime amateur sledding and snowball fights in. But, let's be real. Starting tonight until the storm lets up, 90% of your time will be spent in the crib, flexing that Netflix account, On Demand, your personal hard copy collection, hell, maybe even finally seeing what this Amazon Prime thing is all about. Sure, you could use the time to catch up on one of the four dozen must-watches TV has to offer right now. But in the event that you're feeling the blizzard spirit and want your marathon to reflect that, we came through for you with a clutch playlist. Scroll down for a handful of the best snow-themed movies and TV episodes to keep your Winter Storm Juno vibes afloat.

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