Sundance is one of the places careers are forged and breakout performances plot the trajectory of filmmakers and cast alike.

This year's festival was no different for the premiere of the film Dope. After a bidding war broke out over Dope, which showcases performances by A$AP RockyTyga, Zoe Kravitz, and Workaholic's Blake Anderson, the film finally sold for a whopping $7 Million. The film centers on a modern day group of early '90s hip-hop obsessed teens who live in a dangerous neighborhood, The Bottoms in Inglewood, California. Set in the post-hip hop, gang-ridden Inglewood,  Dope follows Shameik Moore as he attempts to get into Harvard while dodging drug dealers and the obstacles of everyday life. With a commitment of $20 Million in publicity behind the initial purchase, expect to see wide distribution of Dope when it gets a national release. We caught up with some of the cast at the Sundance premiere to talk about working on the film and how good an actor A$AP Rocky turned out to be.