Time and time again we've seen how drama fiercely manifests itself in submarines. Remember Hunt for Red October and U-571? What about some Das Boot, y'all!? The close quarters of a submarine force conflict and confrontation, all of which is heightened by the fact that everything is taking place entirely under water. That's pressure.

So you know what to expect when it comes to Black SeaJude Law's upcoming movie about a sub captain who recruits a blue-collar team to find buried treasure at the bottom of the Black Sea. Submarines + a hunt for gold = intensity

And to really capture that high level of tension, director Kevin MacDonald copped a real, very old sub to shoot the movie in. Jude and the rest of the cast might've banged their heads on levers and metal bars a frustrating amount of time, but it was the only way to make this thing real. 

Check out the exclusive clip above to see what we mean, then hit up Black Sea when it hits theaters in New York City and Los Angeles on January 23rd, and nationwide on January 30th.