Benedict Cumberbatch, beloved Brit, typically renown for gentlemanly gestures or other cool things, found himself in hot water recently after his interview on the PBS talk show Tavis Smiley. On the show he raised the issue of black British actors, mentioning Idris Elba and David Oyelowo, in the UK not being able to succeed like they would in Hollywood. An issue for which he was applauded for pointing out, but then condemned for his use of the word “colored” instead of black. 

The actor just released a sincere apology about the incident saying,  "I offer my sincere apologies. I make no excuse for my being an idiot and know the damage is done." Cumberbtach added, 

Cumberbatch seems like he's genuinely sorry and has learned from his mistake. Give him another chance, people!


[via Daily Mail]

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