An English man described as a "sexual deviant" currently stands trial for violating two horses.

The Daily Mail reports that Alan Barnfield, 44, was seen walking away from Oak Tree Stables in Doncaster, South Yorkshire with two ponies—one of which is a Shetland pony—in August 2012. Prosecutors then allege that Barnfield proceeded to have sex with both animals in a dark wooded area. When residents of Oak Tree Stables contacted police, responding officers noted that he reeked of horse and was sweating "profusely." Police also took note of the collection of bizarre items found in Barnfield's possession: 

The 44-year-old was also equipped with a rucksack containing several cans of Lynx deodorant, a length of white electrical cable, a handheld water sprayer, a cloth, a metal dog chain and two bottles of Lucozade.

The owner of the Shetland pony, Sky, reportedly observed the animal in pain a day after the attack. In addition, Sky's DNA was found on Barnfield, and both pictures and video footage depicting bestiality were recovered from his phone. 

Despite this mountain of incriminating evidence, Barnfield denies the charges. 

[via Daily Mail]

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