Adam Sandler continues to laugh all the way to the bank, most recently making a four movie deal with Netflix and retaining his most overpaid actor title. But that of course means audiences won’t be laughing with him. (Ex: All his movies as of late.) Details about Sandler’s first Netflix film have been revealed, and man, it’s a stinker. First off, Vanilla Ice will be playing Mark Twain.

Bear with us. The movie, Ridiculous 6, is a Western parody—think Seth MacFarlane’s dud A Million Ways to Die in the West. Ridiculous 6 will star Sandler as someone raised by a Native American tribe, with usual associate Rob Schneider playing his half-brother, along with Taylor Lautner and Luke Wilson. Also on board for 6 are Steve Buscemi, Danny Trejo, Dan Akroyd, Nick Nolte, and Blake Shelton—who audiences just saw try his hand at comedy on SNL.

Unless we get Trejo busting through a window using a guy's intestine as a swing (or something similar!) then we have zero interest in this movie. 


[via The Daily Dot]