Dozens of people in California got sick after eating holiday cakes from a bakery last week, triggering an investigation. It was eventually determined that the pastries were laced with synthetic drugs. 

NBC Los Angeles reports that 40 people reportedly fell ill after consuming Three Kings bread from Cholula’s Bakery in Santa Ana last week. According to NBC Los Angeles, many consume the fruitcake on Jan. 6 in observation of Three Kings Day. Nurses reached out to police after droves of patients exhibited nausea, suffered hallucinations, and were seen having what can only be described as "out-of-body experiences." 

The bakery had already been closed due to a cockroach infestation, but when tests detected the presence of synthetic drugs in the bread, the Santa Ana Police Department took over the investigation. It will remain closed until it meets certain health standards, but might have to deal with worse when it reopens.

[via NBC Los Angeles]