Following the discovery that dozens of rabbits removed from a Gowanus backyard earlier this week had sexually transmitted diseases, authorities in Brooklyn removed over 100 more yesterday. 

DNAinfo reports that the decision to move the other 105 rabbits came after examinations of those seized on Monday revealed that some of them had injuries from fighting each other, ear mites, and syphilis. Authorities responded to a 911 call about several rabbits who were outside in the cold as the imminent blizzard loomed over the city. 

Authorities returned yesterday afternoon, rounding up as many rabbits as possible: 

On Thursday, officers from the NYPD's Emergency Services Unit cut the lock on a gate leading to the bunny compound about 12:30 p.m. Police and workers with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals spent more than two hours rounding up the cottontails and putting them in cages, boxes and animal carriers.

Some of the rabbits shivered visibly as they huddled in cages waiting to be placed in two ASCPA vans. When the rabbit raid was over, officers had taken 105 bunnies in all, a spokeswoman for Animal Care & Control of New York City said.

DNAinfo adds that the rabbits rescued on Monday were taken to an Animal Care & Control of New York City center in Brooklyn, while those taken yesterday are being cared for at the ACC's Manhattan location. 

Officers who took part in yesterday's rescue told DNAinfo they rounded up all the rabbits they saw, yet believe there could still be others taking up refuge underground. 

[via DNAinfo]